Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another call to move beyond unsecured email

Here is an interesting article predicting a shift in the legal industry towards encrypted communications within the next 2-3 years. Knowing a bit about the legal market we would rather bet on 3-6 years, but regardless of the timeframe the overall shift is undeniable and already under way. And the pace will only accelerate as technology advances and regulations press on.

Even today there are very few reasons -other than convenience- for attorneys to continue to use unsecured email to communicate and collaborate with their clients. Email is too unreliable and too risky, and almost any inbox ends up growing to unmanageable size.

There are many vendors that provide secure web-based workspaces for collaboration, but even those vendors resort to the use of unsecured email in one way or another, even if only to keep members up to date with recent changes inside a workspace. Is it possible to build a reliable collaboration platform on top of an unreliable communication mechanism like email? Probably not.

According to the article, a better solution may soon be needed.

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