Friday, February 25, 2011

ARTICLE: Wexford startup launches an iPad app for lawyers

Lawyers are often among the last to adopt new technologies, says John Kuntz, founder of Bellefield Systems, a company that is pushing the profession into the digital age with a savvy (and secure) app for the iPad.

Bellfield Systems in Wexford partnered last year with ProLaw, makers of a software suite used by many legal professionals at mid-sized firms to manage business. Attorneys today need to be more accountable with their time, especially in their billings, says Kuntz.

"Clients are demanding that everything be more detailed and quicker. It has become more competitive now that clients are better educated and demanding greater efficiency."

Previously the founder of Labwerks, an early interactive website marketing company purchased by Engauge in 2005, Kuntz has assembled a diverse team that includes two other principals, Gabriela Isturiz, a native of Venezuela, and her husband Daniel Garcia, a native of Spain. The two were co-founders of eBillingHub and bring 15-20 years experience in software and legal IT to the company.

Bellefield's app and flagship product is iDocExplorer, which is available though iTunes, and securely integrates with the ProLaw document management system to deliver data through a wireless connection or 3G network. Attorneys are able to access case and matter-related documents with complete security, says Kuntz.

A second app in development, iTimeKeep, will help attorneys to track billing time on any practice management system.

"Pittsburgh, for being a small city, has some of the largest law firms in the world," adds Isturiz. "There's a big legal community here and we're trying to take advantage of that."

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Writer: Deb Smit
Source: John Kuntz, Bellefield Systems

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