Sunday, May 1, 2011

iRedLine's Success with Bellefield's API

Esquire Innovation iRedline tool has been integrated with Thomson Reuter's ProLaw. iRedline, which has been on the market since 2003, provides document comparison in Microsoft Word through technologies that enhance the native comparison process and tracked changes.

Esquire utilized Bellefield's API and integration expertise to achieve the seamless integration between the products.

New iRedline/ProLaw features include:

- Browse ProLaw Document Management System. Documents that are stored in the ProLaw
Document Management System can be accessed from a Recent Matters and Recent Document
Explorer and brought in to iRedline for document comparison.
-Redlined documents are profiled. Profiling the new document couldn’t be any easier as it
automatically pre-fills the ProLaw profiling fields with the information from the result document.
- Save as new version. This feature allows users to keep versions of their documents using the Parent-Child structure in ProLaw.
- Matter level and Document level security. If security set up is established in Prolaw either at the matter or document level, it will be honored by iRedline’s Document Explorer while searching for documents.
- Remember last settings. Using the Document Explorer or the Quick Profiler, the product will remember the last settings such as author, recent matters, and documents, and up to 10 document searches.

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