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Bellefield Newsletter, January 2011

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Editorial Note: Welcome
New LinkedIn ProLaw Users Group
Got an iPad? Here's a ProLaw App
Take our iPad Survey
Smart Profiler New Features

Welcome to the first edition of the Bellefield Newsletter, Your ProLaw Partner.

Editorial Note
It is with pleasure that we bring you the inaugural issue of our newsletter. Your place to find out how to make your practice more efficient, learn new best practices, and to see what we are up to. We have been batting around many different names for this publication, which I will share with you, but first some background information.

The name of our company is Bellefield Systems. Bellefield translates to beautiful field; think pastures, fragrant flowers, honey bees, and green grass on a warm summer day. Our mascot is Belle the sweet friendly bovine you see here. Gaby, Dani and Myself are fun loving, hard working, problem solving, engineer types. We will decide by the next issue as to what to call this thing. The names to date:

The Bellefield Gazette
The Moos You Can Use
Belle's MoosLetter
Bellefield eZine

John Kuntz & Gaby Isturiz

NEW! Subscribe to our LinkedIn ProLaw Users Community Group
Please take this short survey and we will share with you the results once we close the survey. Feel free to forward to any of you colleagues. Take me to the iPad SurveyWe are very excited to announce the first ProLaw Users Group in LinkedIn. This group is targeted to users, vendors, consultants and other professionals that want to share ideas, exchange problems/solutions, make announcements and even post jobs. The group is NOT monitored and anyone can sign in (no approval required either).

Click here to go to the LinkedIn ProLaw Community Group and please, forward this to any other person that may also be interested.

Got an iPad? We have the perfect ProLaw App for you!

We at Bellefield just had one of those HIGH FIVE moments, we FINALLY broke the code and got our Ipad App migrated through ITunes to the Ipad and running! Driving document data from the ProLaw Back Office server to The Cloud to the Ipad - quickly and seamlessly.

Seeing your Matters in a matter of seconds - anywhere! This is monumental for us and the world of ProLaw users. They can now search and view their documents on their IPad, think about that! For a certain group of people we have taken the IPad from toy to tool, justifying the ownership of one of these fabulous pieces of technology. Want to learn more? click here

Take our 1-minute iPad Survey HERE

You don't need to have an iPad to take this survey! We are currently conducting a study about how people in the legal industry are using or planning to use it in the future.

ProLaw Smart Profiler New Features

Profile multiple emails at once. You can really expedite your email profiling process by selecting multiple emails and profiling them seamlessly into ProLaw.

Send Prolaw Document Links. If you are collaborating with other professionals in your firm and need to exchange ProLaw documents back and forth, you can now just email the "document link" as opposed to the document itself. This feature will avoid the need to save, modify and re-attach. Clicking on the "document link" will immediately open your ProLaw document so you can start working with it right away.

Attach ProLaw Documents. Sending emails with ProLaw documents as attachments is now easier than ever. You will be able to browse to your ProLaw documents and select one or many and immediately be able to send your email.

Profile Attachment as children events. Now you have the option when profiling your emails to indicate whether you want those attachments as children documents of the parent.

Remember you can download it for free and try our products for 30 days. Ready to buy? Just go to our website or just email us at

Thank you and let us know if you have any comments to our newsletter or if you want to contribute with an article.


Bellefield Systems

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