Thursday, September 1, 2011

ILTA study reveals that the iPad is the most exciting technology trend for law firms

Jeff Richardson in his blog “iPhone J.D. Lawyers using iPhones and iPads” analyzes the results of the survey “sixth annual technology purchasing survey” conducted by ILTA and InsideLegal. You can download the results of the survey here.

Jeff points out “When asked to name the most exciting technology or trend, the #1 answer in this year's survey was tablets. And as we know, when people say "tablets" they are really just saying "iPads" considering that around 90% of tablet purchases by lawyers are iPads”. Regarding current and future Tablet's adoption, Jeff writes “About 25% of survey respondents said that iPads were one of the major technology purchases of their law firm over the last 12 months. Similarly, about 25% of respondents said that the iPad would be one of the major technology purchases for the next 12 months.”

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  1. The problem with this trend is that for the most part they are purchasing these based on the cool factor and buzz rather than as a value added device. What does the iPad bring that does not already exist? It is just a laptop minus a keyboard and mouse with a smaller screen... Funny thing is at the firm I work for they want me to price out iPads with mice, keyboards, and cables to connect to external monitor. On top of that they expect the iPad to work with any existing or legacy applications, proprietary or not. Because remember "there's and app for that"