Friday, September 30, 2011

LEGO meets iPhone

Having grown up playing with Lego (yes girls play Lego too) and having two sons that are passionate about Lego, I was very excited when I read about “Life of George” game. What I found fascinating and at the same time very innovative is combining into one game the traditional Lego blocks and the iPhone or iPod Touch (see video below).

Naysayers note that George does not offer much in the way of imaginative play and I’d agree. You may play it for a while and later forget about it. However, this is the first “augmented reality” game of Lego and may mark a new way of table games interacting with mobile apps. I rather see this “interactive” combination as opposed to the pure Lego WII video games.

At the end, it is innovation, creativity and adopting the new technologies that will make companies stay in the “game”. At Bellefield, we are to stay in the "game".

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