Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iPad, enterprise ready

iPad for business
According to MacTech Magazine, Apple has unwittingly become an enterprise player. The company is leading the trend toward IT consumerization as users become attached to their iPads and iPhones and IT administrators try to incorporate the devices into existing corporate technology infrastructures.

iPad is not only the most popular tablet among regular consumers, but it seems Apple is gaining good ground in the enterprise as well. Now the iPad is popular among business executives for accessing email, calendars, the Web and corporate documents.

SAP has given employees, including salespeople, 8,900 iPads to use for accessing sales data and analysis reports. United Airlines is deploying 11,000 iPads to replace paper flight manuals and navigational charts.

Apple offers minimal support for integrating its devices with common enterprise applications, instead concentrating on the consumer market. For that reason software companies like Bellefield are focused on bridging the gap between the enterprise software at the firms and the mobiles devices.

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